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Insurance Referrals & Authorizations

While we do not charge for completing forms such as Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), physical exam verification, or a letter from your doctor, these forms may require an appointment so that you can be present to answer all of the questions properly. 

The trust you place in all of us at Red River Family Family Practice is not something we take lightly as we understand the importance of a good patient-physician relationship. This relationship is a private, confidential matter; our privacy policy addresses this and how we maintain HIPAA compliance. This policy is always available for you to review in the office or take home. We will ask you to acknowledge in writing when you review this information.

Welcome! Please browse around our website so that if you have any questions we can address them at your appointment. We ask that you arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to complete the necessary forms and insurance verification. To make the most of your appointment and reduce the amount of paperwork you have to do, please bring the following:

  • Your insurance card and photo identification card
  • Your current medications or an accurate list including dose and frequency
  • Registration forms which are available on the Patient Forms page

Medication Refills

Patient Information & Office Policies

​The internet can be a fantastic place to get information about improving healthy habits or managing your chronic disease; however, with so much information so readily available, it can be hard to know which websites to trust. Here's a list of websites that provide information based upon well-documented research done by reputable institutions. Obviously, these websites aren't a good substitute for talking to your doctor, but they are an excellent place to start! 

Paperwork & Forms

Appointment Cancellations, No Shows, Arriving Late

To be respectful of the medical needs of our other patients, we ask that you cancel appointments at least 24 hours in advance by calling our office or via the Portal.  Appointments that are not canceled within that time frame or not cancelled at all, 'no shows', may be subject to a $50 charge.  

If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, your appointment may need to be rescheduled. We understand wrecks on I-35 happen and do our best to accommodate our patients so if you are running late for any reason, please call our office.

Privacy Policy

If you are needing a prescription refill, please contact your pharmacy so that they may send us the request. Please allow 48 hours for prescription refills from local pharmacies and two weeks if you use a mail order pharmacy so that you do not run out of your medications. Be aware that controlled medications are monitored by the DEA and the DPS which means that refills for these medications requires an office visit.

Some insurance plans require a referral from your PCP (Primary Care Provider) to see a specialist, this requires a little planning ahead.  If you and your doctor have already discussed seeing a specialist, please call our office at least two business days before your specialist appointment so that we can get your referral completed. If you have questions, please call our office because our Referral Coordinator is happy to help you understand the process.

If your pharmacist tells you a prescription is requiring a prior authorization, this is additional paperwork that is required by your insurance company before they will cover your prescription medication. They are most often required for medications that are new or expensive. It may be helpful for you to check with your insurance company to find out what similar medications are on your formulary; we may be able to substitute one of those medications for the original prescription.  When we prescribe medication we do not know which medications will require prior authorizations because each insurance plan has different requirements and prescription formularies are updated constantly.

Online Patient Education Resources

Laboratory & Radiology Results

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We now have an on-site laboratory operated by PathGroup Laboratories! This allows you to have your blood drawn before leaving our office; if you know you'll need to have fasting bloodworm done then please be fasting for at least 8 hours before your appointment. If your annual physical is scheduled for 3:30 and you don't want to skip lunch then we can always send the orders to PathGroup, Clinical Pathology Laboratory, or Quest Laboratory so that you can do those tests at your convenience. If your insurance requires you to use a specific laboratory or radiology imaging provider, please let our staff know so that we can make those arrangements. 

Most laboratory tests and radiological exams are returned within a couple days, but some tests and studies may take up to 14 business days.  If you are a member of our Patient Portal you will receive your lab results and your doctor's interpretation there, otherwise you will receive the results over the phone. You may be asked to schedule an appointment to discuss the results with your doctor.

Medication Prior Authorizations

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