Q:  How do I get a Portal account? There's no option to sign up on the website.

A:  Our Portal is invitation only so that we can link your account to your electronic medical record in our office. All that is required to get a Portal account is to open the invitation email and answer a couple questions to verify your identity.

Q:  I don't see any of my labs or radiology on my Portal, where are they?

A:  All results must be manually added to Portal accounts, so if you've just signed up your Portal will look pretty bare. Send us a message letting us know if there's anything specific you'd like or if you'd just like all of your lab results and we'll be happy to send that to your account.

Q:  I forgot my password/username. Now what?

A:  Your username will always be (your first name)(period)(your last name), like jane.doe, for example. As long as you can remember your name you'll be able to reset your password!

Q:  This Portal website only has one page and I can't get anywhere else.
A:  The Portal operates best using Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox; you will not have fully accessibility if you are using Safari or logging in on a mobile device or tablet. Our Portal is administered by the same company that hosts our Electronic Medical Record software and those updates will hopefully be added soon!

Q:  I need to send a message about XYZ to my doctor/their medical assistant/the front desk staff.

A:  On the MyMessages page click on the blue "+ New" button, then you will select your physician and choose whether you need to ask a medical question, update information, request medical records, etc. If you are requesting a medication refill that can be done on the My Medications section of the MyHealth page.

If you have any other questions about the Portal please call our office, we'd be happy to help.

​Our Patient Portal is offered for patients to request appointments or medication refills, receive laboratory results, and communicate with their physician and our staff. Our Portal is secure and HIPAA compliant. 

If you are a patient who has not joined the Portal yet, please call our office so that we can verify your information to send you the email invitation. 

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